Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I print my art?

You can print your art using a home printer, a local printer, or an online print shop. We recommend supporting small business whenever possible! There are many local and online photo printers including Target Photo, Costco, Mpix (our online pick), Nations Photo Lab, etc.

What kind of paper / ink should I use?
We like printing our art prints on matte photo paper. You can also use acid-free archival art paper or giclee paper, if your printer offers it. As an example, Nations Photo Lab offers both linen textured photo prints, stretched canvas, and unstretched canvas fine art prints.

Where should I buy frames?
We find most of our favorite frames at antique stores and thrift stores. We have also found frames we like at Target, IKEA, Pottery Barn, and West Elm.

Where did you buy the frame featured in your product offerings?
We think the particular frame we use on our site is an antique. We have found similar-looking frames online by searching for “whitewashed” or “natural wood” or “distressed wood” frames.

I can't find my downloads, or my download link has stopped working.  How do I get renewed access to my art prints?
Don't worry -- we'll get your art prints to you!  Send us an email or message on our contact form, and we will resend a download link for your art prints (usually in about 1 business day). 
From where is the art in your shop?
Many of the art prints in the Museum Quality Art shop are antiques or museum pieces from various museums around the world. The original artist, date of creation, title, and current location of the original (if applicable) is listed on each product page. We also sell work from current artists and fine art photographers.
Help! I have a question not answered here.
You can always contact us with any question! A member of our team will respond to your email within 1 to 2 business days. Thank you for your patience.