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Museum Quality Art was founded in 2020 by Amy Smith. After over a decade working as a registered nurse, she wanted to start a business that would have a tangible, high quality product that would bring people joy. “My grandmother was a nurse and an artist,” Amy shares. “I grew up going to art classes with her, going to art festivals and art museums, sitting at her kitchen table while she painted. I thought of when I had been happiest, and art always seemed to be part of it.” 
Living in Charleston, South Carolina for a time also inspired the brand. “I was so inspired by the gold-framed art I’d see in antique stores, but I didn’t see that style online,” Amy recalls. “When I reached out to experts in the fine art framing industry, I quickly learned that fancy frames were generally considered less popular, a bit out of style. When those ornate frame mouldings didn’t sell, the manufacturers that made them would discontinue them. I’d fall in love with a frame and learn it had been discontinued the previous year. That happened more than once.”
“I started by offering a small selection of vintage art prints and digital downloads, and I put all our savings into Museum Quality Art. My husband really supported me in this even though it was one of the wildest things I’ve ever done! Each time something sold, I re-invested into the brand. I added more art whenever I could. I added additional sizes and, eventually, framing.  I felt a little victorious every time I was able to snag a unique frame style because I like to imagine we’re helping to keep it from being discontinued.” 
In 2021, Amy left her job in the emergency room to lead Museum Quality Art. As the company grew, it quickly expanded beyond vintage art. “Over a dozen independent artists have joined,” Amy shares, “And they are all so uniquely, so brilliantly talented. It’s an honor for me to be able to share their work and Museum Quality Art.”
Museum Quality Art is focused on connecting art lovers with unique art prints and framed artwork, whether that be from our extensive vintage art collection or by a current and independent artist. Inspired by priceless and timeless originals, we have connected with artists, galleries, and museums around the globe to curate a one-of-a-kind art shopping experience.